Freshly and carefully prepared
to ensure the highest quality

Transparency is a core part of our corporate philosophy, and it begins most conspicuously with the design of our packaging. All our packaging features a transparent "window", allowing customers to see the product they are buying and form an impression of it - before they pay. They are honest products which reflect the charm and high quality of our predominantly hand-crafted production. The declaration of analytical data and composition of the products is equally transparent.
 After all, the content of the packaging should also be clearly recognisable from the outside.

And, in the case of our products, it consists of exclusively natural ingredients. We decline the use of dehydrated, "dried-to-death" meat meal and artificial auxiliary substances and additives such as "plasticisers" which are intended to convey a meaty look and feel.
Instead, we use exclusively fresh, low-fat muscle meat and never any offal.     
Our products should reach our customers absolutely as fresh as possible. So we produce relatively low volumes which are freshly produced every time from scratch. We undertake all these measures to ensure that your four-legged friend's diet is as high in quality and as natural as possible, so that he can enjoy a full and healthy life by your side for many years to come.

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