Freshness and gentle preparation
guarantee highest quality

Transparency is an integral part of our company philosophy, and this starts with the design of our packages. The transparent inner workings of the HB-packages allow a full view:  You see what you buy before you pay. Honest products that show the charm of the largely handcrafted production in our special factory. This transparency continues with the declaration of the analytical data and the receptor composition of the products. Because what's inside should also be written outside.

Our products contain only natural ingredients. We distance ourselves from dehydrated, "dead-dried" meat flours and artificial additives such as so-called "plasticizers", which are supposed to suggest meat haptics and appearance. On the other hand, we only use fresh, low-fat muscle meat and no interior.

Our products should reach you as fresh as possible. That is why we produce in relatively small batches, which are assembled fresh from scratch every time. All measures to ensure that your four-legged friend is fed as high quality and naturally as possible and will accompany you for many years of life.

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