Freshly and carefully prepared
to ensure the highest quality

Transparency is an essential part of our company philosophy, and this begins clearly visible already with the deliberately rustic and "open" appearance of our products: If possible, we design the recipes in such a way that small components of the valuable raw materials are visible on the surface of the finished articles, so that the animal lover gets an impression of the high quality of the product and its components at the very first glance: honest products that reveal the charm and the quality level of the largely handcrafted production in our special manufactory. This transparency continues with the declaration of the analysis data and the recipe composition of the products. Because what is inside, should also be on the outside.

And in it are exclusively natural ingredients. We distance ourselves from dehydrated, "dead-dried" meat flours and artificial additives such as so-called "softeners", which are supposed to suggest meat feel and look. We, on the other hand, use only fresh, low-fat muscle meat and no innards whatsoever.
Our products should reach you as fresh as possible. That is why we produce in relatively small batches, which are assembled from scratch each time. All measures to ensure that your four-legged darling is fed as high quality and natural as possible and will accompany you for many years full of life.

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