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When it comes to high-quality, species-appropriate and exquisitely crafted snacks for dogs and cats, we have our own very clear ideas. And we feel sure that you will agree with us. We simply do not make any compromise when it comes to the creation of recipes, the quality of the raw materials used and the production processes of our pet food products.
Used responsibly and in moderation, snacks are not only a welcome reward for your four-legged friend - they can also significantly contribute to its general well-being and help promote an active lifestyle. If snacks are fed to pets in such a way, they will not lead to your furry friend putting on weight or involve any risk of obesity. We apply all our professional expertise and precise knowledge of the raw material properties into avoiding just that.

Impressions from our special manufactory:

Our traditional, hand-crafted production methods are successfully combined with profound knowledge concerning the nutritional requirements of our four-legged friends. This is ensured by the owner and managing director Marcus Blachowski, a qualified food engineer, who has over 15 years' experience in the animal nutrition development sector and extensive specialist knowledge.
André Fuchs, an experienced master butcher and proven expert in the field of meat refinement, is responsible for the still relatively new area of pure meat snacks at HB. Both are supported by an experienced and dedicated team of production and development specialists. We are consequently not only experts in producing appetising baked products - we are also highly qualified when it comes to the best way of combining the technologies of baking and fresh meat processing to create innovative and particularly sophisticated nutritional products for our feline and canine companions.

Our high quality standards can be ideally implemented in the traditional hand-crafting environment of our production facilities - without the inevitable constraints of industrial production.
And this is why the HB brand represents professional expertise and uncompromising quality in which you can put your complete confidence.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to prove this to you, and your four-legged-friends.


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