Our product range for corporate customers

The HB brand snack range

Our "HB" umbrella brand combines two interesting premium brand lines, each with its own particularly special features:

HB BackerSnacks are exquisite, crisply baked dog snacks, available in a wide range of creative types and shapes.

HB ButcherSnacks represent the new generation of snacks made from 100% fresh meat or a combination of meat and fruit, vegetables, choice seeds, etc..

The products of these two brand lines have one important thing in common: They are made exclusively of high-quality, selected raw ingredients including fresh muscle meat, if meat is included in the recipe. Dry meat meal, offal, artificial colourings and flavourings are strictly excluded.  So HB Premium Snacks are not fattening. In combination with the main daily meal, they are a good way of enriching the daily diet.

HB - Your high-performance partner 

for the development of innovative snack concepts

We design, develop and produce: Full service from a single source. We manufacture individual products as private labels, also in smaller quantities.  Of course, we also package the products for you; in our standard packages or in packages that you provide us with or that we develop and procure completely for you on request. Before and during the project, we will provide you with intensive advice and guarantee that your project will run smoothly. Your own brand enables you to position yourself independently in the market and to bind customers to you in the long term. Your idea & our competence: a recipe for success.


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